Social Media Management

Social media making your break a sweat? It’s time to flex on your competition.

Here’s how we can help:

  •  Turn social media followers into customers.
  •  Grow your social media following and increase engagement rate.
  •  Build creative strategies catered to your audience and brand.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Here’s a brand you’re quite proud of. You’ve worked hard, you’re ready to share it with the world, and so you hop on Instagram.

The response? Meh.

Now it’s been days, maybe weeks since you’ve posted online. Or maybe you continue to put time and effort into your posts, only to get a lukewarm response? Is corporate social media starting to feel like a waste of time?

It sounds like you’ve hit a plateau.

What now?

Meet So Good Digital.

Some agencies are afraid of a challenge. Not us.

We’re plateau busters and hurdle jumpers. We help companies like yours put a stop to the dreaded social media lull.

Our guarantee is, you’ll never have to think “what do we post today?” ever again.

We handle the social buzz so you can go back to being your busy-bee self. 🐝

Trusted by these incredible brands

When done well, your social channels become a sales generating machine

So Good Digital takes care of all your daily social media management tasks, so that your business keeps growing while you focus on the bigger picture.

Social Media Agency for Business

So Good Digital is a team of Toronto Social Media Experts. Our monthly content calendars feature modern copywriting that helps your brand voice sing, whatever the genre.

Paired with eye-catching images and graphics we help you stand out among the crowd.

Here’s what you can expect. Written content, researched hashtags, custom graphics, GIFs, social media progress analyses, and much more, wrapped up and delivered to you in a dazzling social media package. Put a bow on that.

Rest assured, we consider every aspect of how you want to be perceived by the public and present it in a lovely social package.


  • “I was blown away by the So Good Digital social media team. The enthusiasm and dedication. They made us excited about social again. Every day they were able to push out just incredible content and our users loved it. We've seen a 200% increase in followers in just a short amount of time.”
    Shawna S.
    Communications Manager

Why does it feel impossible to do social media well?

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Becoming an expert in something takes time. But your time is valuable. And you’re better off investing that time into running your business.

Do you really want to spend time cropping images, writing captions, researching hashtags? Of course not! You didn’t start your business to spend more time on social media – leave it to us.

Social media – what’s the point?

Look, it’s one thing to post funny memes, pics of your last office party, and graphics that promote your product sales. In fact, we encourage it!

But how about a social media presence that builds trust among visitors, grows on a consistent basis, and brings in a steady stream of clicks to the website? We make it happen.


  • “People actually started commenting and sending us direct messages. I was floored. Social media didn't feel like a black hole anymore. I was really happy with the results and then they said "okay here's how we're going to make it even better next month." Seriously?!”
    Jeremy S.
    SaaS Marketing

Friends don’t let friends have empty social feeds.

Just imagine sitting back and witnessing consistent growth. A growing impression count, higher engagement rate, and more direct messages from individuals actually interested in your business.

The So Good Digital Process

Here’s how we take your social media from just okay to So Good!

  1. Social Media Content Plan

    This is your action plan. We take time to discuss your goals and set metrics for future growth. In this phase we also do everything we can to learn about your company.

  2. Spread the Good Word

    Let’s set our plan into action. We will lay the ground work and grow your brand by communicating with the audience you consider to be your ideal customer base.

  3. Nurture Your Audience Base

    Let’s make your visitors feel special by offering them premium content that has them staying engaged either through clicks or sales.

  4. Convert It Into Dollars

    We don’t have to tell you that it’s easier to sell to a loyal following than to a cold audience. Once you have the former, we convert it into sales.

We’re sure you have questions. We’re confident we have answers.

No inquiry is too big or too small. Feel free to shoot us a quick note and we’ll be happy to answer. Pressure-free, we tell it like it is.